Welcome to Atrial Audio


Atrial was forged in the fires of Hartsville, South Carolina in 2018 under the influence of the greats, like Slipknot, Black Label Society, Asking Alexandria, and many more! After their self titled EP, the band found their sound with 2019’s Havoc, a metal album with fancy fretwork from Clayton, monstrous, screams from Matthew “Chewy,” and solid songwriting talents and rhythm playing of William and Christopher. Lately, the band decided to welcome a new member, Zeb, on bass. Atrial continues to write new music and play live on a frequent basis. If you like what you hear from them, stay tuned for more!

Blavery Releases new single:

“(Tripping on) Moon dust”

Hot off the presses of the newly growing discography is a new instrumental vibe piece from Blavery. Throw it in a playlist and give it a listen or three.

From the back porch to your ears: Clayton chewning releases”gamblin Man”

Nothing goes together as good as Blues and Clayton, as demonstrated in this short 3-track EP. Drawing inspiration from the likes of SRV all the way back to Robert Johnson, Clayton delivers a solid take on beltin’ the blues armed with fancy fingerwork on the guitar.